An adapter based PubSub package for PHP

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A PHP abstraction for the pub-sub pattern

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composer require superbalist/php-pubsub



Want to get started quickly? Check out some of these integrations:


$adapter = new \Superbalist\PubSub\Adapters\LocalPubSubAdapter();

// consume messages
$adapter->subscribe('my_channel', function ($message) {

// publish messages
$adapter->publish('my_channel', 'Hello World!');

// publish multiple messages
$messages = [
    'message 1',
    'message 2',
$adapter->publishBatch('my_channel', $messages);

Writing an Adapter

You can easily write your own custom adapter by implementing the PubSubAdapterInterface interface.

Your adapter must implement the following methods:

 * Subscribe a handler to a channel.
 * @param string $channel
 * @param callable $handler
public function subscribe($channel, callable $handler);

 * Publish a message to a channel.
 * @param string $channel
 * @param mixed $message
public function publish($channel, $message);

 * Publish multiple messages to a channel.
 * @param string $channel
 * @param array $messages
public function publishBatch($channel, array $messages);


The library comes with examples for all adapters and a Dockerfile for running the example scripts.

Run make up.

You will start at a bash prompt in the /opt/php-pubsub directory.

If you need another shell to publish a message to a blocking consumer, you can run docker-compose run php-pubsub /bin/bash

To run the examples:

$ php examples/LocalExample.php