Sunrise HTTP message wrapper for PHP 7.1+ based on RFC-7230, PSR-7 & PSR-17

v1.4.0 2020-12-26 06:03 UTC


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composer require sunrise/http-message

How to use?

HTTP Request Message

use Sunrise\Http\Message\RequestFactory;

$message = (new RequestFactory)->createRequest('GET', '');

// just use PSR-7 methods...

HTTP Response Message

use Sunrise\Http\Message\ResponseFactory;

$message = (new ResponseFactory)->createResponse(200, 'OK');

// just use PSR-7 methods...

Using headers as objects

Please note that this isn't related to the PSR-7...

composer require sunrise/http-header-kit
use Sunrise\Http\Header\HeaderLastModified;

$header = new HeaderLastModified(new \DateTime('1 day ago'));

$response = $response->withHeaderObject($header);
use Sunrise\Http\Header\HeaderCollection;
use Sunrise\Http\Header\HeaderContentLength;
use Sunrise\Http\Header\HeaderContentType;

$headers = new HeaderCollection([
    new HeaderContentLength(1024),
    new HeaderContentType('application/jpeg'),

$response = $response->withHeaderCollection($headers);

Related PSR-7 packages

Test run

php vendor/bin/phpunit

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