connect a Silverstripe website with Mail Chimp

1.1.0 2016-08-29 02:15 UTC



basics: John [at] further work: nivanka Nicolaas Francken [at] SS Integration


SilverStripe 2.3+ SEE CONFIG file!


Adds a basic sitemap page to your site with plenty of customistation options (themed CSS).

Installation Instructions

  1. Find out how to add modules to SS and add module as per usual.
  2. Review configs and add entries to mysite/_config/config.yml (or similar) as necessary. In the _config/ folder of this module you can usually find some examples of config options (if any). SEE CONFIG file!

  • Place the SmartChimp module in your root SilverStripe folder and run dev/build.
  • Log into the admin area, go to Site Content, and create a new SmartChimpSignupPage
  • Under the Mail Chimp Config tab, enter your MailChimp API Key & Unique ID for List. You can also add text for a successful signup here too.


Many thanks to Stijn Henderickx for providing the base code.