add pricing rules to your silverstripe e-commerce (e.g. discount per group or per country)

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Silverstripe ecommerce complex pricing module

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See composer.json for details

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composer require sunnysideup/ecommerce_complex_pricing


In the _config folder you will find the ecommerce_complex_pricing.yml.example file that shows options for the configuration of this module.

We recommend that you:

  1. copy these ecommerce_complex_pricing.yml.example files into your mysite/_config folder (where available - otherwise search for private static $ in the module to see what can be configured)
  2. remove the .example extension,
  3. delete the lines you do not care about, and
  4. adjust the configurations that you would like to use.


We welcome any contributions. See for more details.

Paid assistance

You can pay us to create an improved / adapted version of this module for your own projects. Please contact us if you like to find out more: For exmaple, we can write tests for this module.


Sunny Side Up Ltd.

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