Sun task helps you to manage your tasks easily.

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Sun task helps you to manage your tasks easily.

Installation via Composer

 composer create-project sun/task


Artisan command to send remaining task through email.

php artisan sun-task:remainder


All of the configuration for the SUN TASK are stored in the .env file.

Setup your email id & password to send email.

Setup your email id & name for getting remaining task through email.

To Start Development Server

php artisan serve

Reset Dummy Data

To reset all dummy data (default database reset key is suntask)

Tasks Search

Search by name
name@ your_task_name
Search by description
description@ your_task_description
Search by date
date@ your_task_date
Search by time
time@ your_task_time


Tasks View:

task view

Task Create:

task create

Task Update:

task update

Remaining Tasks Email:

remaining task email

Tasks Search By Name:

task search by name

Tasks Search By Date:

task search by Date


This apps is licensed under the MIT License