Sun Flash helps you to add flash messages to your Laravel application.

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Sun Flash message helps you to add flash messages to your Laravel application.

Installation Process

In order to install Sun Flash, just add

 "sun/laravel-flash": "1.*"

to your composer.json. Then run composer install or composer update.

Then in your config/app.php add


in the providers array and

 'Flash' => Sun\Flash\FlashFacade::class,

to the aliases array.

and also added Sun Flash message view where you want to show flash message.


To Publish Sun Flash View

 php artisan vendor:publish

In the Sun Flash message view I used Bootstrap css framework for flash message styling. You also need to add bootstrap to your project.

Bootstrap css, js and jQuery cdn
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
 <script src=""></script>
 <script src=""></script>

Add this line at the bottom of your page

    $(function () {


All Methods

To show success message
To show error message
Flash::error('Whoops! There were some problems with your input.');
To show info message
Flash::info('your message');
To show warning message
Flash::warning('your message');
To show confirm message
Flash::confirm('Message Title', 'Your Message');
To show bootstrap modal popup message
                 'Message Title',
                 'Your Message',
                 'Allow Button Text',
                 'Allow Button Type',
                 'Dismiss Button Text',
                 'Dismiss Button Type

Defalut value for --

 Submit Button = false
 Allow Button Text = Save
 Allow Button Type = success
 Dismiss Button Text = Close
 Dismiss Button Type = default


Flash Message Overlay:

Overlay view

Flash Message Success:

Overlay view

Flash Message Error:

Overlay view


This package is licensed under the MIT License