Adds CAS support to Laravel 5.x - 10.x

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v4.4.0 2023-03-10 04:23 UTC


Simple CAS Authentication for Laravel 6-10.x.

This version of CAS, or Central Authentication Service, is designed to integrate with Laravel 6-10 projects that need to implement SSO.
Older version of Laravel may work, but are untested. This package was built for my necessity but can be easily used for anyone requiring CAS/SAML SSO in Laravel 6+. This package is different in mindset as the goal in this project is to be as minimal as possible while offering as much flexibility as needed.

This package offers and abstraction of Apereo CAS (phpCAS), a cross platform and open-source CAS client and server provider. Be sure to check them out if you intend to implement an SSO service other than AD.

Check out the wiki for further details.


  • Support added for Laravel 10.x
  • Dropped support for phpCAS <1.6.0 (dependency vulnerability)
  • Support added for Laravel 9.x
  • Support added for Laravel 8.x
  • Support added for Laravel 7.x
  • Updated for Laravel 6.x
  • Dropped support for PHP 5.x
  • Laravel 5.5 Package Discovery support
  • CAS logout method supports redirection service as a secondary argument
  • Supports additional CAS versions, including version 1,2,3
  • Supports direct phpCAS calls for heavily customized CAS configurations
  • Supports logon with custom URL redirects
  • Supports logoff with redirect callbacks
  • Updated to work with Laravel 5.2 (backwards compatible)
  • Uses the latest phpCAS
  • Supports verbose logging
  • Session handling has been removed from CAS Manager and is moved strictly into the middleware
  • You can now leverage the CAS sessions instead of relying on Laravel sessions
  • More security fixes
  • Cleaner codebase
  • Backwards compatible (for the most part)
  • More configuration options in the config file available
  • Masquerading as a user now supported
  • Tested and working with PHP 7.x