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TYPO3 Extension for the styla content experience engine.

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v1.0.6 2019-10-01 11:04 UTC

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This TYPO3 extension allows to show the Styla content hub and / or landing pages with full SEO integration in a TYPO3 setup.

This documentation page should provide you an overview of how Styla works in general.


TYPO3 >= 10.4.13 PHP >= 7.2
MySQL >= 5.5

Installation Composer Mode

  • Use composer require styladev/typo3 in typo3 folder

Installation Classic Mode

  • Create new extension folder ec_styla in /typo3conf/ext/
  • Move repository content in folder ec_styla
  • Inside the TYPO3 backend, go to Extensions and activate ec_styla


Extension Configuration

Within the extension configuration (Admin Tools->Extensions->Ecentral Styla Integration) the rootpath to the Styla content needs to be set up. By default, this is set to magazine which is the default Styla content integration.

Root Page Configuration

If you want to use something else than the default configuration, you can configure the extension to use other root paths. To do this, go to the extension configuration and edit the configuration of ec_styla. Enter every path, where the styla content plugin should be displayed, separated by commas.

Content Page Configuration

Necessary meta elements are provided by Styla. This configuration has to be done for every page on which the content hub plugin will be displayed and will hide meta elements generated by TYPO3.

page.meta.robots =
config.noPageTitle = 2

Plugins provided by this Extension

You can add Styla Plugins via the 'Add Content' option of the page module.

Content Hub


The content hub plugin will display a single content hub or Styla Landing Page. You only need to provide the content hub id and let Styla do the magic. Please make sure the page title corresponds to one of the rootpaths you defined in the extension configuration.


It is possible to disable specific meta tags via the extension configuration. You can configure multiple tag names and properties by separating them with commas.


The Teaser plugin allows you to feature a number of stories from your Styla content hub. You can set the number of items to be displayed, the size of the teaser images as well as the display mode. Available display modes are:

  • List
  • Tiles
  • Cards
  • Horizontal

Signal Slots

The extension provides two signal slots: beforeProcessingSeoContent and beforeCheckingForRootPath. You can find out more information about signal slots in the official TYPO3 documentation.


TYPO3 will cache Styla related content for up to 60 Minutes by default. You can clear the cache anytime by using TYPO3s 'Clear all caches' option within the TYPO3 backend.