Integration of newsletter SaaS solution into TYPO3 CMS

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1.0.0 2021-01-25 08:09 UTC

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This extension integrates the newsletter SaaS into TYPO3. Currently this extension supports only the form framework of the core but it would be easy to add finishers to powermail.

Installation & Configuration

Currently this extension requires a composer based installation. Use composer req studiomitte/sendinblue to install it.

Head over to the extension configuration and provide all settings you need:

Extension Configuration.png

  • Basic
    • API-Key: Add your API key which you can retrieve from
    • Partner Key: currently not in use
    • Default Lists*: Add IDs of sendinblue contact lists which are added to every contact
  • DOI
    • Enable double optin: Please always use double opt in!
    • Page ID for redirect: Page which a user is sent to after confirming double opt in
    • DOI Template: Id of sendinblue template which is used for DOI mails.
  • Attributes
    • Attribute for first name: Name of attribute used for the first name
    • Attribute for last name: Name of attribute used for the last name
    • Attribute for tracking information: Name of attribute used for the tracking information


A new finisher Sendinblue Finisher intercepts the data of the form and adds the contact.

Example configuration can be found at EXT:sendinblue/Resources/Private/Example/sendinblue-example.form.yaml.

Finisher for EXT:form

As the fields can be differ for any form, you need to provide the mapping information for all important fields:

  • Checkbox to enable: Newsletter subscription must be optional. Therefore provide the checkbox which asks the user if a newsletter should be sent.
  • Field of email address: Provide the field information which holds the email address
  • Field of First/Last name: Provide the field information which holds information about the name.
  • Additional list ids: Either provide the field information or a static comma separated list of contact lists a user should be added to.
  • Additional tracking information: This string is added to the contact and can be used just as information or by using this in the automation process to process the contact.

Additional hints

Getting started

It is a bit tricky to get everything started. For sending mails the account needs to be validated. This is documented at

In short you need

  1. At least 11 contacts. You can create any contact
  2. One campaign ready

(DOI) Double Opt-In Mails

Getting started with that is also a bit tricky for the 1st time. This is documented at but still misses some important things:

  1. The DOI template needs to be tagged with optin.
  2. The button in the DOI template for triggering the confirmation must have as link value {{ doubleoptin }}.


This extension has been created by StudioMitte