Strawberryfield post processing module for Drupal 8/9 using PHP React

v0.2.0 2021-11-28 22:03 UTC


This is an experimental module, use at your own risk

Strawberry Runners

A Drupal 8 module that provides a set of post processing capabilities for JSON based metadata, files and entities, based on Dispatched events, direct http calls and invoked webhooks from partner services (e.g, AWS S3 or self invoked). This is part of the Archipelago Commons Project.

This module adds to each D8/Archipelago instance headless processing services (something like embeded services instead of microservice) that can be invoked internally or externally to make use of multiple concurrent HTTP services via reactphp.


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Caring & Coding + Fixing


This software is a Metropolitan New York Library Council Open-Source initiative and part of the Archipelago Commons project.