Laravel artisan command that uses JAVA schemaSpy tool to generate a graphical representation of a database schema

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Laravel SchemaSpy is a Laravel artisan command that acts as an interface for the program SchemaSpy. With SchemaSpy you can analyze the schema metadata of a database and generate browser readable files with useful information such:

  • Visual ER diagram.
  • Proper table insertion/deletion order for database migrations.

SchemaSpy is much more than that so please check the official site to see the full power of the tool.


Before installing the package make sure the following requirements are installed on your system:

  • JAVA >=5.
  • SchemaSpy JAR file:
  • The proper JAVA connector for your database system (i.e: MySQL).
  • The dot command from Graphviz should be accessible via the PATH environment variable.

Graphviz itself is not required, only its dot command is used to generated the output.


Install via Composer

composer require stolz/laravel-schema-spy --dev

If you are using an old version of Laravel or if you have disabled its package discovery feature, then you have to manually edit config/app.php file and register the service provider under providers key

'providers' => array(


php artisan db:spy [connection]

If no connection is provided Laravel's default one will be used. After successfully running the command open the file [output-dir]/index.html with your browser.


To configure the package use the following command to copy the configuration file to config/spy.php.

php artisan vendor:publish

All available settings are included inside spy.php and with the provided comments they should be self-explanatory.

Laravel 4

If you are still using Laravel 4 instead of loading Stolz\SchemaSpy\ServiceProvider use Stolz\SchemaSpy\LegacyServiceProvider and manually copy the config file:

cp vendor/stolz/laravel-schema-spy/src/config.php app/config/spy.php


MIT License © Stolz

Read the provided LICENSE file for details.