Composer script to lint a Travis CI configuration file.

v1.0.2 2016-10-28 08:07 UTC


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composer-travis-lint is a Composer script that lints a project/micro-package its Travis CI configuration aka its .travis.yml file.


The Composer script should be installed as a development dependency through Composer.

composer require --dev stolt/composer-travis-lint


Once installed add the Composer script to the existing composer.json and use it afterwards via composer travis-lint.

    "scripts": {
        "travis-lint": "Stolt\\Composer\\Travis::lint"

On a first lint run the Composer script will create a cache file called .ctl.cache to avoid making unnecessary lint requests against the Travis CI API. This file should prolly not be .gitignored but defo be kept out of releases and therefore end up in the .gitattributes file.

New lint requests will only be made when the Travis CI configuration file changes.

Running tests without integration tests

composer ctl:test

Running all tests

composer ctl:test-all


This Composer script is licensed under the MIT license. Please see LICENSE for more details.


Please see CHANGELOG for more details.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for more details.