There is no license information available for the latest version (0.0.1) of this package.

0.0.1 2019-04-11 16:21 UTC


This repository contains config files for tools for Laravel projects.

You will also need the stickee/php-code-style package which will also be installed alongside this package.


First install this package:

composer require --dev stickee/laravel-code-style

and then pass the -c/--c/--config option to the tool you wish to use and use vendor/stickee/laravel-code-style/dist/<config>.yml as the path.


GrumPHP can be ran using:

vendor/bin/grumphp <COMMAND> -c vendor/stickee/laravel-code-style/dist/grumphp.yml


PHPStan can be ran using:

vendor/bin/phpstan <COMMAND> -c vendor/stickee/laravel-code-style/dist/phpstan.neon


PHP-CS-Fixer can be ran using:

vendor/bin/phpcs <COMMAND> --config vendor/stickee/php-code-style/dist/.phpcs


This repository depends on stickee/php-code-style to generate the config files for Laravel. Each time the PHP code style repository is updated this repository also needs updating by running bin/stickee-laravel-code-style build; The dist folder is also committed so that this repository is ready to use simply by requiring it.