Psr-3 log implementation for

2.0.2 2023-12-20 12:56 UTC



Class that handles creation of logger classes.

This is where you configure your main logger.


  • pushProcessor(callable $callback, string $channel = null): Manager If channel is set the process will only be applied to that channel. If no instance of channel exists the process will be silently ignored


Manager that uses Monolog as the main logger.

It has one extra method on the manager and that's pushHandler that is so that you can configure custom handlers for select channels

  • pushHandler(HandlerInterface $handler, $channel = null): Manager If channel is set the handler will only be applied to that channel. If no instance of channel exists the process will be silently ignored

Stefna\Logger\Logger Methods


Set log manager if this is not done all calls to getLogger will return a NullLogger


Get manager to add process or handler to main logger


Add a channel specific config


Add multiple config options with one call


Retrives a logging instance for channel

This method will create the logger if it don't exists and it check for configs for the specified channel


<?php declare(strict_types=1);

use Stefna\Logger\Filters\MinLogLevelFilter;
use Stefna\Logger\Filters\CallbackFilter;
use Stefna\Logger\Filters\TimeLimitFilter;

$monolog = new \Monolog\Logger('main-channel', $handlers, $proccess);
$manager = new \Stefna\Logger\MonologManager($monolog, new \Stefna\Logger\Filters\FilterFactory());


$filters = [
	[MinLogLevelFilter::KEY, ['level' => \Psr\Log\LogLevel::ALERT]],
			'callback' => function(string $level, string $message, array $context) {
				return isset($context['exception']);
	[TimeLimitFilter::KEY, ['cache' => $simpleCache, 'interval' => new DateInterval('P1D')]]

    new Stefna\Logger\Config\Config('test-channel', $filters[[, $proccess], $handlers])

$logger = \Stefna\Logger\Logger::getLogger('test-channel');

Setup of a crash logger

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

$logger = new SimpleFileLogger('path/to/save/crash.log');
$logger = new SystemErrorLogger();

$crashLogger = new BufferFilterLogger(
    new ActivateLevelFilter(LogLevel::ERROR)

// Will not add to log file

// Will add all message prior and after this to the log
// This is so that we get a complete story of what happened during the execution

Setup debouncer filter

This filter is meant to be used to prevent logs from being filed with the same errors


<?php declare(strict_types=1);

use Stefna\Logger\Filters\DebounceFilter;
use Stefna\Logger\Logger\FilterLogger

$debounceFilter = new DebounceFilter(function($level, $message, $context) use ($cache) {
	// create cache key
	$key = md5(serialize([$message, $context]));
	if ($cache->has($key)) {
		return false;
	$debounceInterval = $context[DebounceFilter::DEBOUNCE_INTERVAL];
	$cache->set($key, true, new DateInterval($debounceInterval));
	return true;

$logger = new FilterLogger($mainLogger, $debounceFilter);
$logger->alert('Db connect error', [
	DebounceFilter::DEBOUNCE_INTERVAL => 'PT1H', // only log once an hour