Load YAML fixtures in your Laravel project

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The Yaml fixture seeder for the Laravel Framework.

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Why this package?

The Seeder classes are very powerfull and to be honest: This package has a lot less options. Imagine that you have lists of data you want to seed. The problem only is that the Seeder classes needs to be programmed. With lots and lots of array's, in my opinion it will end up in large PHP files and hardly to read and maintain.

This package provides a Yaml structure, based per-table but you can make relationships between them. See therefore the examples.


To install this package on your Laravel project, you only have to add it to your Composer file. There is no need (and also impossible) to add a Facade or ServiceProvider.

shell> composer require stefanius/laravel-fixtures

Example data

When the documentation does not provide the information you needed or hoped for, you may want to check the example data. This data is also used to test the package and therefore it will give a good impression of the package. You can find the data:

In progress

The package is almost stable but the file is still in progress. Keep in touch to see if there are any updates!


Some badges are handy to place them on top. But, in a time of 'badge-festing' I want to join the party, and some badges are a bit obscure.

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