Parses event data from a variety of email service providers

0.2.1 2016-09-06 19:47 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-12 02:21:19 UTC


Easily parse event data from a variety of email service providers. Currently supports SendGrid and Mailgun webhook formats.


composer require stechstudio/email-event-parser

Basic usage

When you know where the event is coming from, you can create the adapter yourself:

$event = new \STS\EmailEventParser\EmailEvent(
    new \STS\EmailEventParser\Adapters\MailgunWebhook($payload)

The adapter $payload should be an array of event data. It's up to you to json_decode this if needed. In some cases it might be appropriate to just pass in $_POST as the payload.

Automatic service detection

If you are expecting webhooks from multiple service providers, you can use the automatic detection:

$event = \STS\EmailEventParser\EmailEvent::detect($payload);

This will examine the event data and figure out which service sent the event, and which adapter to use.


Once you have an event object, here is a list of methods that are available:

Method Description
getType() Event type (delivered, bounced, etc)
getService() Service provider name (SendGrid, Mailgun)
getMessageId() SMTP ID of the email
getRecipient() Recipient email address
getTimestamp() Unix timestamp for the event
getResponse() Response from the remote SMTP server
getReason() Additional explanation for the event type
getCode() Status or error code
getTags() Collection of tag values
getData() Additional custom data attached to the email, as a collection of key/value pairs
get($key) Retrieve any $key from the original event data payload
toArray() Returns... ya know