Parses event data from a variety of email service providers

0.2.1 2016-09-06 19:47 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-12 03:47:40 UTC


Easily parse event data from a variety of email service providers. Currently supports SendGrid and Mailgun webhook formats.


composer require stechstudio/email-event-parser

Basic usage

When you know where the event is coming from, you can create the adapter yourself:

$event = new \STS\EmailEventParser\EmailEvent(
    new \STS\EmailEventParser\Adapters\MailgunWebhook($payload)

The adapter $payload should be an array of event data. It's up to you to json_decode this if needed. In some cases it might be appropriate to just pass in $_POST as the payload.

Automatic service detection

If you are expecting webhooks from multiple service providers, you can use the automatic detection:

$event = \STS\EmailEventParser\EmailEvent::detect($payload);

This will examine the event data and figure out which service sent the event, and which adapter to use.


Once you have an event object, here is a list of methods that are available: