Replaces SilverStripes built in search functionality with Searchify (aka IndexTank)

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This module is a complete replacement for SilverStripes built in search functionality.

It takes advantage of Searchify's


This module only supports installation via composer:

composer require steadlane/silverstripe-searchify
  • Run /dev/build afterwards and ?flush=1 for good measure for SilverStripe to become aware of this module
  • Then run /dev/tasks/SearchifyIndexAllTask to automatically index any publicly visible, and searchable pages found in your SiteTree


  • Automatically index a page when it's published
    • Will respect the "Show In Search" CMS Page option
  • Removes pages from index that have been unpublished or where "Show In Search" has been disabled
  • Customisable Page Blacklist (e.g You wouldn't want to index pages of type ErrorPage)
  • Content Discover
    • It is extremely common that custom PageTypes will have custom HTMLText fields defined, if discover is enabled then this module will detect these fields and add them to the index, therefore allowing them to be also searchable

Required Configuration

You need only define the API URL provided by Searchify in mysite/_config.php:

define('SEARCHIFY_API_URL', '');

Optional Configuration


    index: MyIndex # The name of the index to use
    make_index: true # If the index doesn't exist, create it
    discover: true # If set to true, this module will adapt to any PageType it is given. For more information see the
    page_blacklist: # Allows you to blacklist certain Page Types, eg you wouldn't want to index an ErrorPage
      - ErrorPage


If you feel you can improve this module in any way, shape or form please do not hesitate to submit a PR for review.

Bugs / Issues

To report a bug or an issue please use our issue tracker.


This module is distributed under the BSD-3 Clause license.