Varnish Cache purger for the Blitz plugin for Craft CMS.

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1.0.1 2023-11-06 13:26 UTC

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The Varnish Cache Purger allows the Blitz plugin for Craft CMS to intelligently purge cached pages on connected Varnish servers.


Install the plugin using composer and then install it.

composer require statikbe/craft-blitz-varnish
php craft plugin/install blitz-varnish

You can then select the purger and settings either in the control panel or in config/blitz.php.

// The purger type to use.
'cachePurgerType' => 'statikbe\blitzvarnish\VarnishCachePurger',

Using Varnish Cache with Craft CMS

How to configure Varnish Cache to work with Craft CMS and your specific project is beyond the scope of this plugin. You can find a basic example configuration here.

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