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PHPStan configuration for Craft CMS projects

dev-main 2022-04-12 20:50 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-13 01:31:02 UTC


This package provides a base PHPStan configuration for Craft CMS plugins and projects.

To install, run the following commands within your plugin or project:

composer config minimum-stability dev
composer config prefer-stable true
composer require craftcms/phpstan:dev-main --dev

Then add a phpstan.neon config file to the root of your project:

    - vendor/craftcms/phpstan/phpstan.neon

    level: 0
        - src

Change the paths array to whichever directory(s) contain the source code you want PHPStan to inspect.

(See PHPStan’s Config Reference for a full list of supported config parameters.)

With that in place, you can begin running PHPStan with the following command:

vendor/bin/phpstan --memory-limit=1G

Or define a phpstan script in composer.json:

  "...": "...",
  "scripts": {
    "phpstan": "phpstan --memory-limit=1G"

And then run PHPStan with:

composer run-script phpstan