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Stamphpede quickstart

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This repository exists as a quickstart to get you writing Stamphpede load tests as quickly as possible.


You will need docker installed locally (ideally configured to allow the current user to run docker commands without sudo)

You will either need your app running locally inside docker or a pre-provisioned test server that you can connect to.

Getting started

Step 1:

composer create-project stamphpede/loadtest

Step 2:

./stamphpede init

Step 3:

Write your test, see docs folder for a walk through guide. Put it inside the ./testcases directory.

Step 4:

If running against a local environment you may need to connect the stamphpede server to your project:

./stamphpede connect <network_name>

You can find all the networks using docker network ls if you are using docker-compose for your project then by default the network name will be _default. Don't forget, when referencing containers from other networks you need to add the network name to their host eg if you want to access the docker-compose service api in the stamphpede project with the default network name you would reference it as api.stamphpede_default

Step 5

./stamphpede run /testcases/yourtestcase.php

Notice the use of an absolute path when referencing the test case: this is the location the testcases folder is mounted inside the docker container running stamphpede.