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Simple Stats is web statistics software written in PHP. It aims to be a simple and lightweight web statistics application that lets you analyse basic information about traffic on your website. It lets you track and filter the following:

  • Page views
  • Client browsers and operating Systems
  • Visitor IP addresses
  • Visitor origin by country
  • Visitor language
  • Referrers
  • Search queries leading to your site

Simple Stats is not a fully-fledged analytics application — for that you might consider Piwik.


Unpack everything to your web server and then visit /simple-stats/index.php in your web browser and follow the instructions. Let me know when the automagical installation falls flat on its face :).


Simple Stats supports the MaxMind geolocation database, but you will need to manually download the database (it's free) from their website and place it in the geoip folder.

Alternatively, if you already have geolocation software in place, just define the SIMPLE_STATS_GEOIP_COUNTRY constant in PHP before calling the hit counter, and Simple Stats will automatically use that. You should set the constant to the two-letter country code that corresponds to the country your software has identified.

System requirements:

  • PHP v5.2.4 or greater, with mbstring extension
  • MySQL v5.0 or greater