YAML standards checker

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This library helps you to keep YAML files alphabetically sorted, observe symfony yaml standards, observe indent and observe spaces between groups.


If you prefer using Composer you can easily install with the following command:

composer require --dev sspooky13/yaml-standards

Or alternatively, include a dependency for sspooky13/yaml-standards in your composer.json file. For example:

    "require-dev": {
        "sspooky13/yaml-standards": "~3.0"

Options for run

  • --exclude-by-name=text Exclude file contains the text in name. Can be used more times.
  • --exclude-dir=path/to/excluded/dir Exclude dir from check. Can be used more times.
  • --exclude-file=path/to/excluded/file.yaml Exclude file from check. Can be used more times.
  • --check-alphabetical-sort-depth=2 Check yaml file is alphabetically sorted to selected level.
  • --check-indents-count-of-indents=4 Check yaml has multiple of selected indent
  • --check-inline Check yaml file observe standards by symfony yaml parser.
  • --check-spaces-between-groups-to-level=2 Check yaml file has empty line between every group to slected level.


For run from command line:

php bin/yaml-standards ./app ./src/path/to/config/file.yml ./src --exclude=service --check-alphabetical-sort-depth=2 --check-indents-count-of-indents=4 --check-spaces-between-groups-to-level=2 --check-inline

If you need exclude a files from check, you can print command --exclude=NAME how much you want.

or setting for ANT:

<property name="path.yaml-standards" value="./vendor/bin/yaml-standards"/>

<target name="yaml-standards" description="Run yaml standards checks">
        <arg value="./app" />
        <arg value="./src/path/to/config/file.yml" />
        <arg value="./src" />
        <arg value="--exclude=service" />
        <arg value="--exclude-dirs=path/to/excluded/dir" />
        <arg value="--exclude-file=path/to/excluded/file.yaml" />
        <arg value="--check-alphabetical-sort-depth=2" />
        <arg value="--check-indents-count-of-indents=4" />
        <arg value="--check-spaces-between-groups-to-level=2" />
        <arg value="--check-inline" />

PHPStorm Integration

You can integrate YAML standards into PHPStorm by using File Watcher.

  1. Open Settings -> Tools -> File Watchers
  2. Add new -> custom
  3. Give it a name
  4. Select file type: YAML
  5. Program: \vendor\bin\yaml-standards.bat
  6. Arguments: $FilePath$ for check actual opened file or $SourcepathEntry$ for check all source file, etc.
  7. Set into arguments too what want you check, e.g. check alphabetical sort: $FilePath$ --check-alphabetical-sort-depth=2

Now, file watcher check YAML files, whether is right alphabetically sorted and will open the console if they have errors

Exit codes

Exit code is built using following bit flags:

0 OK.
1 Some file has invalid syntax.
2 General error (file is not readable, error with parse yaml file).