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WIP (!!!)

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This is base package for Squadron API. Provides:

  • Integration with Sentry
  • UUIDs for models from the box
  • Some useful artisan commands
  • Helpers for other Squadron packages


  • /api/ping - simple application's ping, returns application version from .env

####Artisan commands

  • squadron:utils:hash {value : The string that will be hashed} - gets hash of the string
  • squadron:version:set - sets version in .env from last commit



Package contains abstract class for models in Squadron with some benefits:

  • UUID for primary key
  • table auto-locate by naming convention (model ThisIsCustomEntity -> table this_is_custom_entity)
  • default TIMESTAMP properties renamed to createdAt / updatedAt (trying to use CamelCase used all over app)



This class is analogue of \App\Http\Contollers\Controller from fresh laravel's install with "traits initialization" support. Traits initialization for controllers works as Eloquent models initialization + auto-injects dependencies in initialize* methods.

Here is an example below:

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

trait ControllerTrait
    // Controller trait init method must be named as `initialize{TraitName}`
    public function initializeControllerTrait(Request $request): void
        // $request will be auto-injected


\Squadron\Base\Http\Requests\BaseRequest This abstract class used for laravel's requests, authorizes all by default.