Spryker Architector - tool for Spryker Architecture introspection

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composer require --dev spryker-sdk/architector

This is a development only "require-dev" library. Please make sure you include it as such.

What is the Architector

The Architector is a tool that supports you in automated refactorings regarding Spryker architecture and reports issues in your code.

See current rules for details.



use Rector\Config\RectorConfig;
use Rector\Set\ValueObject\SetList;
use Architector\Set\ValueObject\ArchitectorSetList;

return static function (RectorConfig $rectorConfig) {
    // Import RuleSets provided by Rector or by the Architector

    // Defining rules or paths to skip
        __DIR__ . '/src/Path/To/Exclude/Something.php',

How to use the Architector

You can run the Architector in two ways

vendor/bin/rector process path/to/refactor --config architector.php


vendor/bin/rector process path/to/refactor --config architector.php --dry-run

The latter one only shows a diff without actually changing your code.

For more details see documentation of vendor/bin/rector

How to generate documentation

Run composer docs to generate documentation in docs/rules_overview.md.