A PHP library to create Swiss QR bills

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A PHP library to create Swiss QR Bill payment parts (QR-Rechnung), a new standard which replaces the existing inpayment slips since June 30, 2020.

Image of Swiss QR Bill example

Getting started

composer require sprain/swiss-qr-bill

Then have a look at example/example.php.


Semantic versioning is used for this library.

In addition, a minor version will always be published if any visible change in the output of the qr code or the payment part takes place, even if it could be considered to be just a bugfix.

Getting help

Do you need help using this library?

Please note that the maintainer of this library will not provide any support by email. The beauty of open source software lies in the fact that everybody can benefit from each other. Therefore questions will only be answered in public.

Support the project

Official resources

The repository contains the official specifications the library is based on:

For more official information about the new standards see