Splash Bundle for Sylius E-Commerce Solution

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Splash Bundle for Sylius E-Commerce Solution


Splash Sync Bundle for Sylius E-Commerce

Splash Bundle for Sylius E-Commerce Solution

This module implement Splash Sync connector for Sylius, the E-Commerce Solution for Symfony Framework. It provide access to multiples Objects for automated synchonization through Splash Sync dedicated protocol.

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Installation via Composer

Download Sylius-Bundle and its dependencies to the vendor directory. You can use Composer for the automated process:

$ php composer.phar require splash/sylius-bundle

Composer will install the bundle to vendor/splash directory.

Adding bundle to your application kernel

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
            new \Splash\Bundle\SplashBundle(),          // Splash Sync Core PHP Bundle 
            new \Splash\Sylius\SplashSyliusBundle(),    // Splash Bundle for Sylius
        // ...

Configure Splash Bundles

Here is the default configuration for Splash bundles:

        id:             812b124aa746e04c                                        # Your Splash Server Id
        key:            NTdlMDI2YWQ1NTQ5NjAuOTI3OTgxMTQ1N2UwMjZhZDU1NjFiMS      # Your Server Secret Encryption Key

        default_channel:    US_WEB      # Select here you shop's default channel


  • PHP 7.0+
  • Sylius 1.0+
  • An active Splash Sync User Account


For the configuration guide and reference, see: Sylius Bundle Docs


Any Pull requests are welcome!

This module is part of SplashSync project.