Splash Module for Dolibarr ERP

1.7.1 2020-09-28 21:47 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-09-28 22:17:30 UTC


This directory is dedicated to store external modules. To use it, just copy here the directory of the module into this directory.

Note: On linux or MAC systems, it is better to unzip/store the external module directory into a different place than this directory and just adding a symbolic link here to the htdocs directory of the module.

For example on Linux OS: Get the module from the command mkdir ~/git; cd ~/git git clone https://git.framasoft.org/p/newmodule/newmodule.git Then create the symbolic link ln -fs ~/git/newmodule/htdocs /path_to_dolibarr/htdocs/custom/newmodule

WARNING !!! Check also that the /custom directory is active by adding into dolibarr conf/conf.php file the following two lines, so dolibarr will also scan /custom directory to find external external modules:

$dolibarr_main_url_root_alt='/custom'; $dolibarr_main_document_root_alt='/path_to_dolibarr/htdocs/custom/';