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Spiral Application

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Spiral Framework

The Spiral framework provides open and modular Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment, database tools, code re-usability, extremely friendly IoC, IDE integration, PSR-7, simple syntax and customizable scaffolding mechanisms

Spiral Framework | Modules and Packages | Guide | Installation Notes | Forum

Server Requiments

Make sure that your server is configured with following PHP version and extensions:

  • PHP 7.1+
  • OpenSSL Extension
  • MbString Extension
  • Tokenizer Extension
  • PDO Extension with desired database drivers


composer create-project spiral/application

Once application installed you can ensure that it was configured properly by executing:

./spiral configure -k && phpunit

Available Components:

  • ODM - MongoDB strict schema ODM
  • Storage - File storage abstraction layer

Available Modules:

  • Auth - Token based user authentication
  • Profiler Panel - Profiler panel/middleware for Spiral Applications (pre-installed)
  • IDE Helper - IDE autocomplete generator: ORM, ODM, RequestFilters, Container (pre-installed)
  • Hybrid DB - ORM-to-ODM relation bridge with transactions support
  • Scaffolder - Help commands for scaffolding parts of your application (pre-installed)
  • Toolkit - View widgets (pre-installed)
  • Vault - HMVC Core with RBAC and visual layout
  • PHPFastCache - PSR6 and PSR16 cache adapters