Wrapper over the geoPHP Class to make it integrate with Laravel better.

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Wrapper over the geoPHP Class to make it integrate with Laravel better.

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1) If you need to use < php7.2, please stay with version 1.x

2) Aside from Laravel >= 5.5, the package below is required


Install Geometry:

    $ composer require spinen/laravel-geometry

The package uses the auto registration feature.

Using the package

The Geometry Class exposes parseType methods where "Type" is StudlyCase of the geometry type that geoPHP supports. Here is a full list...

  • parseEwkb($geometry)
  • parseEwkt($geometry)
  • parseGeoHash($geometry)
  • parseGeoJson($geometry)
  • parseGeoRss($geometry)
  • parseGoogleGeocode($geometry)
  • parseGpx($geometry)
  • parseJson($geometry)
  • parseKml($geometry)
  • parseWkb($geometry)
  • parseWkt($geometry)

The geometries are wrapped in a Spinen\Geometry\Geometries namespace with a little sugar to be able to do

  • toEwkb()
  • toEwkt()
  • toGeoHash()
  • toGeoJson()
  • toGeoRss()
  • toGoogleGeocode()
  • toGpx()
  • toJson()
  • toKml()
  • toWkb()
  • toWkt()

In addition to the above export methods, we have added a toArray that gives an array from the toJson method. For convenience, we have exposed all of the properties of the geometry through a getter, so you have direct access to the property without having ask for the keys in the array.

Area of the polygon

We are estimating the area in meters squared & acres. We expect the estimation to be within 1%, so it is not very accurate. We essentially refactored a js method that Mapbox has in their geojson-area package . You get the area by calling the getAcres or getSquareMeters. There is a shortcut to them as properties, so you can read the "acres" or "square_meters" property.


// Area of Polygon
$points = [[1,1], [2,2], [3,2], [3,4]];

$geoJson = '{"type":"Polygon", "coordinates":[' . json_encode($points) . ']}';

$geo = new geoPHP();
$mapper = new Spinen\Geometry\Support\TypeMapper();
$geometry = new Spinen\Geometry\Geometry($geo, $mapper);

$collection = $geometry->parseGeoJson($geoJson); // see above for more parse options

$squareMeters = $collection->getSquareMeters();
$acres = $collection->getAcres();