Generates a cobertura code coverage report from phpunit

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Some modern workflows need test coverage report to be generated with Cobertura. Phpunit does not support (yet ?) Cobertura report generation.

This project aims to solve this.


Via composer :

composer require --dev soyhuce/phpunit-to-cobertura

That's all !

Generating a Cobertura coverage report

First, you need to run your phpunit tests with code coverage enabled. This needs to generate (at least) the code coverage in php format.

<coverage processUncoveredFiles="true">
        <directory suffix=".php">src</directory>
        <php outputFile="./phpunit/codeCoverage.php"/>

Once done, you can convert the php code coverage into a Cobertura coverage.

./vendor/bin/phpunit-to-cobertura ./phpunit/codeCoverage.php ./phpunit/coberturaCoverage.xml


Fow now, only PHPUnit 9.3 is supported.


You are welcome to contribute to this project ! Please see


This package is provided under the MIT License