Extensions for Laravel model factories

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This package provides extensions for Laravel 8 Model Factories


You should install this package using composer :

composer require soyhuce/laravel-factories-extended

You're done !


Your model Factory has to extend Soyhuce\LaravelFactoriesExtended\Factory :


use Soyhuce\LaravelFactoriesExtended\Factory;

class UserFactory extends Factory
    // Same like usual factories

More documentations about factories here


of and dynamic of

Sometimes we need to use both a model and its related models in a test. With of, you can define a relation between the created models and an existing model :

$user = UserFactory::new()->create();
$posts = PostFactory::times(3)->of($user)->create();

In case the relation cannot be guessed directly from the model, we can define it explicitly :

$posts = PostFactory::times(3)->of($user, 'author')->create();

You can also use of with MorphTo relations :

$comments = CommentFactory::times(3)->of($post, 'commentable')->create();

and with multiple models :

$comments = CommentFactory::times(3)->of($post, 'commentable')->of($user, 'user')->create();

You can use dynamic of to define the relation name :

$user = UserFactory::new()->create();
$post = PostFactory::new()->ofAuthor($user)->create();
$comments = CommentFactory::times(3)->ofCommentable($post)->ofUser($user)->create();

If you use soyhuce/next-ide-helper (version ^0.2.4), we provide for you a factory extension to automatically add dynamic of methods. You just have to add Soyhuce\LaravelFactoriesExtended\DynamicOfResolver::class in your next-ide-helper.factories.extensions config.


You are welcome to contribute to this project ! Please see


This package is provided under the MIT License