Export TYPO3 pages and content in a way that is able to be consumed by typo3-hugo-theme.

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What does it do?

This extension allows you to export TYPO3 pages, content, media in a way that is able to be consumed by TYPO3 Hugo Theme. https://github.com/sourcebroker/hugo-typo3-theme.


Use composer:

composer require sourcebroker/hugo


Use CLI command:

typo3cms hugo:export

Exported pages are stored in ./hugo/content folder. Exported content is stored in ./hugo/data/content. Exported media are stored in ./hugo/content/-media/fileadmin (fileadmin is taken from storage record).

You can change those folder with TsConfig. Look in file Configuration/TsConfig/Page/tx_hugo.tsconfig for possible options.

Hugo binary path

On each page or content editing in TYPO3 a special hook is used to update Hugo files and make a fresh build of all pages. For this to happen you must have Hugo binary available in your $PATH. If you do not have hugo in your $PATH then you can set the exact path with this TsConfig:

tx_hugo {
    hugo.path.binary = /my/path/hugo

If you have different path to hugo on different instances of application (beta / live) then you can use TYPO3 conditions:

[applicationContext = */*/Live]
  tx_hugo {
      hugo.path.binary = /var/www/.local/hugo


See https://github.com/sourcebroker/hugo/blob/master/CHANGELOG.rst