Autoload of vendors and autoload of deployer tasks.

4.0.1 2022-12-28 15:32 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-28 18:34:42 UTC





What does it do?

This package allows to:

  1. Register your project vendor classes to be used in deploy.php. Read "Include class loader" for more info why you should not include your project vendor/autoload.php in deploy.php.
  2. Load single task/setting file.
  3. Load multiple tasks/settings files from folders.


composer require sourcebroker/deployer-loader


Include class loader

If Deployer is used as phar from global install or from local in ./vendor/bin/dep (installed from deployer/dist) then it is already including his own vendor/autoload.php. If in deploy.php file we will require vendor/autoload.php from our project then it's like asking for trouble because we are joining two autoloads with non synchronized dependencies. The second composer vendor/autoload.php added by us in deploy.php has priority because the composer uses the prepend parameter of spl_autoload_register() method which adds an autoloader on the beginning of the autoload queue instead of appending it. So classes from our project will be used before classes from Deployer phar.

The solution is to include in deploy.php the autoload.php from sourcebroker/deployer-loader.

Using spl_autoload_register() it will register new closure function to find classes and it will register itself without prepend parameter. So first classes from Deployer phar autoload will be used and if they will not exists there will be fallback to classes from the main project vendors.

How to use it? Just include autoload at the beginning of your deploy.php (and remove vendor/autoload.php if you had one)

require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/sourcebroker/deployer-loader/autoload.php');

After this point in code you can use all vendor classes declared in psr4 of your composer.json files.

Loading deployer tasks

The package sourcebroker/deployer-loader allows you also to include single files or bunch of files from folder (recursively).

  • Example for loading single file:

    new \SourceBroker\DeployerLoader\Load(
       [path => 'vendor/sourcebroker/deployer-extended-database/deployer/db/task/db:copy.php'],
       [path => 'vendor/sourcebroker/deployer-extended-database/deployer/db/task/db:move.php'],
  • Example for loading all files from folder recursively:

    new \SourceBroker\DeployerLoader\Load(
         path => 'vendor/sourcebroker/deployer-extended-database/deployer/db/'
         excludePattern => '/move/'
         path => 'vendor/sourcebroker/deployer-extended-media/deployer/media/'

    You can use preg_match "excludePattern" to exclude files.