This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Provides bulk deployer cli commands for any application that provides raw list of cli commands.

2.2.0 2018-03-29 11:04 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-01-11 19:23:17 UTC


! Note - project no longer maintained


What does it do?

This library takes cli commands of any package and makes them available as deployer tasks.


  1. Install package with composer:

    composer require sourcebroker/deployer-bulk-tasks
  2. Take look at presets in folder vendor/sourcebroker/deployer-bulk-tasks/preset, choose yours and put following line in your deploy.php file, like in this example:

    require_once (__DIR__ . '/vendor/sourcebroker/deployer-bulk-tasks/preset/Magento2.php');
  3. If you found the right presets then at this point you are done and you can check for new commands with "dep".

  4. If you did not find preset then you can add your own config and require BulkTask.php after config like in this example:

    set('bulk_tasks', [
            'prefix' => 'magento',
            'binary' => './bin/magento',
            'binary_required' => true,
            'command' => 'list --raw',
            'command_filter' => '',
            'command_fallback' => '
                  admin:user:create                         Creates an administrator
                  admin:user:unlock                         Unlock Admin Account
                  app:config:dump                           Create dump of application


A prefix that will be put before each command from cli to build deployer task name. You can consider that a namespace for deployer tasks. Usually it will be framework name, like "magento", "typo3". See folder with presets for example.
Cli application binary.
If true then the php exception will be thrown if binary is not found.
A command that together with binary will output raw command list like "php bin/magento list --raw".
A string to be used in preg_match to filter commands that should be deployer tasks because usually we do not need all commands to be available as deployer tasks. Example "/.*database:.*/".
A string that contains commands that you want to be deployer tasks and that are added independent of what will be returned from cli binary.

Commands usage

After installation and configuration you can use all commands of application like in following example from TYPO3 preset:

dep typo3cms:database:updateschema live

If you want to see the output of command then use -vvv switch. Example:

dep typo3:cleanup:deletedrecords live -vvv

If you want to add some option then use "--bulk-task-option" option and put whole option inside. Example:

dep typo3cms:database:updateschema live --bulk-task-option="--schema-update-types=\"*.add\""

Your presets

If you have some new presets for some well known frameworks then please create a PR and I will merge it to master.

Known problems


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