A CSS processor to generate spritesheets

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A simple PHP script that can be used to process a CSS stylesheet, perform some basic optimisation, and generate a spritesheet of all sprites used in that stylesheet.

NOTE This project is very experimental - feel free to report any issues or bugs.


PHP, GD library (apt-get install php5-gd)


  • Designed to be dropped into an existing project without requiring significant CSS changes
  • Removes CSS comments
  • Removes most unnecessary whitespace
  • Generates spritesheets from PNG images less than a given size (default 32x32)
  • Supports @media queries
  • Supports full alpha PNG images
  • Supports high resolution sprite scaling through background-size
  • Disable spritify for individual rules by using x-background-sprite: false;


Include spritify as a requirement in your project composer.json, and run composer update to install it into your project:

  "require": {
    "soundasleep/spritify": "dev-master"

You can then use spritify as part of your build script:

php -f vendor/soundasleep/spritify/spritify.php --input default.css --png img/all_sprites.png --output default-compiled.css

You can also use the new grunt-contrib-spritify task in your Gruntfile.

For example, CryptFolio uses Spritify to transform this stylesheet into a compressed stylesheet with a PNG spritesheet.


  • The input CSS needs to be valid.
  • Uses very basic regular expressions, so will fail with strings that contain ;s, and does not support Unicode.
  • Only supports spriting of PNG images, does not support GIF.
  • The output CSS file needs to be in the same directory as the input CSS file.
  • All images need to be relative and accessible relative to the CSS file (no Apache Aliases, etc).
  • Sprited images within @media queries are not tested yet.
  • Assumes background images are of one of the following formats:
    • background: #123 url('foo'); (colours are added as another property 'background-color')
    • background: url('foo');
    • background-image: url('foo');
    • background: url('foo') 0 0;
    • background: url('foo') 10px 20px;
    • background: url('foo') top 10px;
    • background-size: 16px 16px;
  • The following are not supported:
    • background: #123 url('foo') bottom right; (all other words are assumed to be 'top left')
    • background: #123 url('foo') center center; (something aligned 'center center' is ignored)
    • background: url('foo') 0% 0%;
    • background: url('foo') 50% 100%;
    • background-size: 100%;
    • background-size: contain;


Very basic tests are provided with phpunit. The source code for these tests are available in tests/.

composer install

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