A simple PHP implementation of a JSON-RPC client and server

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JSON-RPC PHP is a couple of classes written in PHP implementing respectively client and server functionalities of the JSON-RPC protocol.

The goal of the project is the full encapsulation of the JSON-RPC approach inside a PHP application. Via these classes, it become possible to offer the network the methods of each one's own classes as RPC services and/or enjoy RPC services exacltly as if they were local objects.

The JSON-RPC PHP classes usage is extremely simple and preserve the JSON spirit:

It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. []

Following this logic, the project is conceived to ensure the best code usability.

Any comments, criticisms, suggests and clarification requests can be addressed to Any observation will be welcome.

Git fork

This is a fork of the original project from which only adds Composer support (Packagist).


Copyright 2007 Sergio Vaccaro

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