This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the bertptrs/gatekeeper-utils package instead.

A collection of commands, filters and utilities for the gatekeeper module in the Mako PHP framework.

v0.3.0 2017-08-16 09:39 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-02-01 12:49:12 UTC


This package contains tools and commands for the Mako framework authentication plugin Gatekeeper.

For now, the package contains some commands and a filter, but more will be added if needed. Feel free to fork to file an issue if there are missing features.


Installation is done using composer. The package has a compatible Mako version specified so you don't have to worry about which version to use.

composer require bertptrs/gatekeeper-utils:*

After that, you need to register the package to be loaded. This is specified in the app/config/application.php file.

return [
    // The rest of your config
  'packages' => [
    "core" => [
    "cli" => [],
    "web" => [],
  // The other rest of your config

I recommend that you register the package in the core packages, but if you only use the filters, or just the commands, you could register it in the web and cli packages respectively.

Available commands

Currently, there are three supported commands. These commands are registered automatically when the plugin is loaded. All commands are prefixed with gatekeeper:: to prevent naming collisions.

  • user.create helps you create new users.
  • user.activate (de)activates user accounts.
  • user.password can set new passwords for users.
  • group.create creates new groups.
  • group.member can add and remove members in groups.
  • group.delete deletes groups.

For more information about the workings and options, you can use the --help flag, like so:

$ php app/reactor gatekeeper::user.create --help


php reactor gatekeeper::user.create


Create a new user.


| Name       | Description                          | Optional |
| noactivate | Do not activate the user by default. | true     |