Builder of Facebook and Google product feeds

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Builder of Facebook and Google product feeds

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Useful links


Useful links



// build set of products
$product = new Product(
    new Availability(Availability::IN_STOCK),
    new Condition(Condition::NEW),
    new Price('42.42', 'UAH'),
    new Url(''),
    new Url(''),

// build feed
$feed = new Feed([$product]);

// create formatter, devince product normaliser for martketing platform and define encoder to some formats
$formatter = new Formatter(
    [new FacebookProductNormaliser()],
    [new FacebookFeedCsvEncoder()]

// formatted feed is generator which yields parts of feed
$generator = $formatter->format($feed, 'facebook', 'csv');

// send feed to output
header('Content-type: text/csv');

foreach ($generator as $streamChunk) {
    echo $streamChunk;