Database and internationalisation filed for ISO country, subdivision, language, currency and script definitions and their translations. Based on pythons pycountry and Debian's iso-codes.

4.0.21 2024-04-02 19:30 UTC



Database for PHP-ISOCODES library

This repository contains database with localized values of ISO country (ISO 3166-1), subdivision (ISO 3166-2), language (ISO 639-3), currency (ISO 4217) and scripts (ISO 15924). To get this database only without localized values, see sokil/php-isocodes-db-only.

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🔢 Database version: v4.16.0-81-ge5b49dec from 2024-04-02 04:00

Database updated at 2-nd day of every month.


Details about library you may find in sokil/php-isocodes repository.


To install "sokil/php-isocodes" library with full database and i18n files:

composer require sokil/php-isocodes sokil/php-isocodes-db-i18n

You may also install "sokil/php-isocodes" with only database (no i18n will be available):

composer require sokil/php-isocodes sokil/php-isocodes-db-only

Database and internationalisation files updated at 2-nd day of every month. If you prefer to update more often, you may use just "sokil/php-isocodes" library and tune update of database and i18n by yourself:

composer require sokil/php-isocodes

To setup manual update please read instruction.