Twig Brige for Mako Framework

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Twig Brige for Mako Framework


Use composer to install. Simply add package to your project.

composer require softr/twiko

So now you can update your project with a single command.

composer update

Register Service

After installing you'll have to register the package in your app/config/application.php file.

'packages' =>
    'core' =>
        // Register the package for web core

Now your application is able to use Twig Template Engine.

Enabling Extensions

This packages comes with a set of base extensions wich provide core functions such as config, i18n, session, urlBuilder etc. To add/remove an extension please edit twiko::extensions.php config file.

Clearing Cache

This packages provides a command to clear Twig Cache Files. To make use of it simply run php reactor twiko::clear


This package is compatible with Mako >=5.0 versions