Soflomo scaffold project for fast bootstrapping ZF2 aplications

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v0.1.1 2014-05-01 12:01 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-26 22:16:16 UTC


This Soflomo scaffold repository contains the default set-up for Soflomo projects. The scaffold is intented to allow fast bootstrapping of Zend Framework 2 applications with a preconfigured setup of serveral tools. Use at your own will.


The scaffold is based on the following libraries:

  1. Zend Framework 2: more specifically, it looks similar to the ZendSkeletonApplication
  2. Soflomo\Common: a set of tools used in any Soflomo project
  3. Soflomo\Prototype: a small module that allows prototyping of applications
  4. Composer: Composer to load all external php dependencies (ZF2 and the Soflomo* libraries)
  5. Bower: a frontend dependency management tool
  6. normalize.scss: to normalize styles across different browsers
  7. Modenizr: to enable progressive enhancements across browsers
  8. Compass: to parse SASS files into CSS


You can install the scaffold by using composer. Load the composer.phar file and execute the following line:

php composer.phar create-project soflomo/scaffold my-dir
bower install
npm install
gulp build

This will install the scaffold in "my-dir", load all dependencies from bower and runs the compilation step from compass. If you have a repository available for your new project, add this as remote and start coding.


Inside the scaffold several string values are used to indicate the project's name. You can find & replace all of them for your own need.

  • --Project Name--: this is meant as a user-friendly and readable format for the project. It is for example used in the title element inside the layout.
  • project-name: an internal name for the project, used for example in the bower.json
  • the domain name for the project's intended public url, used in the robots.txt file