Utility module with Soflomo common classes

v0.8.0 2014-11-04 15:18 UTC


Soflomo\Common is a small utility module with a few helper classes. Its purpose is to provide some plugin/helper classes to provide functionalities common for many different projects.

At this moment, it provides the following classes:

  • Accept controller plugin, to check specific content types in the request
  • Attachment controller plugin, to send a file as attachment in the response
  • Version view helper, to load the version of the application from git as a cache buster in public assets


Soflomo\Common is available through composer. Add "soflomo/common" to your composer.json list. During development of Soflomo\Common, you can specify the latest available version:

"soflomo/common": "dev-master"

Enable the module in your config/application.config.php file. Add an entry Soflomo\Common to the list of enabled modules.


Example of usage is listed below for every single helper class.

Accept controller plugin

Say you perform a delete request to the uri /books/123. An AJAX request might expect a 200 OK with a body message, while for a normal request you want to redirect to /books again.

// Remove the book with id 123

if ($this->accept('application/json')) {
    return new JsonModel(array(
        'status' => 'success',
        'book'   => array(
            'id' => 123

return $this->redirect()->toRoute('books');

Attachment controller plugin

You have created a pdf file and you want to let the user download that file.

return $this->attachment()
            ->fromFile('data/invoice/123.pdf', 'Invoice 123.pdf', 'application/pdf');

Available methods are fromFile($path, $name=null, $type=null, $disposition=null) and fromBlob($blob, $name, $type=null, $disposition=null). A fromStream() method is not implemented yet, but is planned in a future version.

Version view helper

For all styles, images and javascript files, a new deployed version might be changed but is available under the same URI. You want to force a reload as a cache busting mechanism, but you do not want to update the version manually each time.

This view helper loads a version description from git with git describe --always. For a tag it will return the tag (e.g. v.1.0.4). If no tag is checked out (for example, on your staging environment) it loads a mixed version (e.g. v1.0.4-14-g2414721 or when nothing has been tagged g2414721). The version can be appended as query string: css/style.css?v1.0.4:

<?php echo $this->headLink()
                ->appendStylesheet($this->basePath() . 'css/style.css?' . $this->version()); ?>