Laravel 5.3+ project to monitor changes in Whois and DNS records.

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Last update: 2023-01-21 10:42:21 UTC


Laravel 5.3 project to monitor changes in Whois and DNS records.

Utilising Laravel Queues & Jobs, checks can be performed on a set of defined domains for either DNS or Whois records. The Laravel Scheduler can be used to arrange when these checks are run.

Alternatively a new set of Laravel artisan commands are provided to run these checks php artisan checks:run dns and php artisan checks:run whois.

Both checks return JSON results which are stored as text diffs in a single GitHub Gist, by storing them this way; instead of say a database it prevents data duplication and allows you to see the historical differences over time.



  • Add notifications upon changes - email, slack, webhook
  • Create interface for storing records, so either github, bitbucket, text file could be used
  • Add options for using different providers, currently using for DNS records and for Whois checks
  • Create Laravel/Unit tests