Command line helper for Nova ADC.

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This is the official Snapt Nova command line helper

Nova is an any-cloud, multi-location, centralized platform for deploying, controlling, and monitoring load balancers and web app firewalls at scale.

The nova-cli helper provides easy access to our open API, and includes the following features:

  • adcs:list - List all ADCs on your account
  • adcs:stats - Get detailed statistics for a single ADC
  • nodes:create - Add a new Nova Node
  • nodes:delete - Delete a Nova Node
  • nodes:list - List all the Nova Nodes on your account
  • waf:list - List all the WAF Profiles on your account
  • waf:ruleset - List or alter the IP based rulesets for your WAF


Run the below to install nova-cli globally. You can then run "nova-cli"

composer global require snapt/nova-cli

Save your API token from Nova like so:

echo "YOUR_API_TOKEN" > ~/.nova-api-key


You can run "nova-cli" for all the available commands, and view the requirements by adding "-h" as shown in the example below:

❯ ./nova-cli waf:ruleset -h
  Interact with the rulesets in a WAF profile

  waf:ruleset <profile_id> <action> [<list> [<ip>]]

  profile_id            the WAF profile ID
  action                list|add|remove
  list                  allowed|blocked for when adding or removing an IP to a list
  ip                    the IP/cidr to add or remove if action is add|remove

Snapt Nova

To sign up for a free Nova account go to


nova-cli is free to use for any Snapt Nova users or clients.