A crude version control system for mysql written in php

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A crude version control system for a mysql database.


Use composer. Add "smrtr/mysql-version-control": "~1.0" to the requires section of your project's composer.json then run composer update.


Your database configuration will be stored at <project_root>/db/db.ini. In this file you will define a list of environments and then define database configurations for each environment.


Define a list of environments under the [environments] tag using the format environments[] = "development". The CLI tool will add commands for each environment listed here.

You may also define a list of testing environments using the format testing_environments[] = "testing". The CLI tool will only apply test data on the environments listed here.


You must define two database configurations for each environment using the name of the environment as a tag. The two configurations are called buildtime and runtime and they are used for processing schemas and data respectively. Each configuration requires a host, user, password and database entry.

Example db.ini

environments[] = "development"
environments[] = "production"

testing_environments[] = "development"

[development] = "localhost"
runtime.user = "buzz"
runtime.password = "lightyear"
runtime.database = "buzz" = "localhost"
buildtime.user = "buzz"
buildtime.password = "lightyear"
buildtime.database = "buzz"

[production] = "localhost"
runtime.user = "root"
runtime.password = "root"
runtime.database = "buzz" = "localhost"
buildtime.user = "buzz"
buildtime.password = "lightyear"
buildtime.database = "buzz"


Your database versions will be stored in <project_root>/db/versions. The sql for each version is stored in a directory directly under this directory. So the directories are named db/versions/1, db/versions/2 and so on. Each version must contain at least one of the following files:

  • schema.sql - always runs first, contains CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS and ALTER statements.
  • data.sql - contains REPLACE INTO, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements and the like.
  • testing.sql - same as data.sql but with test data which doesn't need to exist outside of testing environments.
  • runme.php - a custom php hook for running, for example, import tasks.

The files are run in the order specified above.


This package will put two CLI scripts into your project's vendor/bin directory.


Run vendor/bin/up <environment> to install or update the database on the given environment. This command looks at the available versions in the db/versions directory and applies new versions sequentially from the current version.

If this is the first run on the given environment, then a table called db_config is created and used to store the current database version.


Run vendor/bin/teardown <environment> to tear down the tables on the given environment.

This command is useful for development & testing developments where you may wish to, for example, tear down your database between test runs.

Use the confirm option to bypass the confirmation prompt, e.g.

vendor/bin/teardown <environment> --confirm