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Display diffs of composer projects and all their modules

0.0.5 2015-06-11 09:47 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-14 13:33:22 UTC


composer-diff performs a git diff command on your project.

Unlike git diff, however, it will also return differences in any packages marked in your composer.lock file


A good way to install CLI tools from composer is 'composer global require':

composer global require sminnee/composer-diff

Then, if you haven't already, add ~/.composer/vendor/bin to your shell path.

The binary will be installed to ~/.composer/vendor/bin/composer-diff.


You can see the changes themselves this way:

composer-diff diff sha-from [sha-to]
  • sha-from is the SHA of your project to use as the starting point
  • sha-to is the SHA of your project to use as the end point. If ommitted, the current check-out of code is used

If you wish to see the log messages instead of the changes, use this command:

composer-diff log sha-from [sha-to]


  • Doesn't work if a package isn't checked out in your project as a git repo
  • Output not the best