Encrypted Filesystem allows easy file and/or stream encryption and provides integration with Laravel's Filesystem.

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Encrypted Filesystem enables easy encryption and decryption of the files in a Laravel Application. Encryption and decryption is done using streams, which prevents unencrypted files from ever being stored on the disk.

How to install

To install Encrypted Filesystem run:

composer require smaatcoda/encrypted-filesystem

After the package is installed, register Encrypted Filesystem Service Provider in your app.php config file:

'providers' => [



In order to start using the package you have to add a new filesystem configuration. In your filesystems.php add a new entry to the disks array which contains the following parameters:

'example-encrypted-disk-name' => [
    'driver' => 'encrypted-filesystem',
    'root' => storage_path('app'),
    'key' => 'example-key',
    'cipher-method' => 'aes-256-cbc',

Now you can use Laravel's Storage and either reference your encrypted disk explicitly:

Storage::disk('example-encrypted-disk-name')->put('example.txt', 'Contents');

or make your encrypted disk the default one in filesystems.php and simply do:

Storage::put('example.txt', 'Contents');