Extends the composer validate command with extra rules

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composer-lint is a plugin for Composer.

It extends the composer validate command with extra rules.

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You can install it either globally (recommended):

composer global require sllh/composer-lint

or locally:

composer require sllh/composer-lint


That's it! Composer will enable automatically the plugin as soon it's installed.

Just run composer validate command to see the plugin working.


You can configure the plugin via the COMPOSER_HOME/config.json file. Here is the default one:

    "config": {
        "sllh-composer-lint": {
            "php": true,
            "type": true,
            "minimum-stability": true,
            "version-constraints": true
        "sort-packages": false
  • php: Checks if the PHP requirement is set on the require section.
  • type: Check if package type is defined.
  • minimum-stability: Checks if minimum-stability is set. It raises an error if it is, except for project packages.
  • version-constraints: Checks if version constraint formats are valid (e.g. ~2.0 should be ^2.0).
  • sort-packages: Checks if packages are sorted on each section. This option is outside sllh-composer-lint because it's a composer native one.