SlabPHP Web Platform

v0.1.13 2018-02-11 00:00 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-20 11:03:47 UTC


This is the core SlabPHP library. The purpose of it is to create a system object, select an appropriate controller, execute it, and display the result. That's the general flow of every of any particular SlabPHP request. This library depends on all the other SlabPHP libraries.

SlabPHP Components

SlabPHP is made of a bunch of atomic components that can be used separately or together. The components rely on a shared library of interfaces. You can use the pre-built components or even write your own. Some libraries are also optional so feel free to bring your own logger, database, session handler, etc.

Component Description
Core SlabPHP Library includes all of these via composer and provides structure for using the framework.
Templating and Display Library SlabPHP's output and templating library
Router light-weight web router with validators for routes
Component Interface Library external interface library with shareable testing mocks
Debug Utility the debug utility displays a helpful debug bar at the bottom of default SlabPHP pages
Base Controller Library some base controllers to help you get started
Bundle Stack Library manage a hierarchy of bundles so you can easily share code between them
Landing Page Bundle this page's source code and an example SlabPHP bundle
Sequencer Library this library helps you write re-usable controllers by extending controller sequences
Database Library a simple relational database wrapper with token binding
Cache Manager Library a simple cache manager wrapper with memcache and redis providers
Configuration Library a configuration library that loads files from a hierarchy of bundles
Session Library provides flash data capabilities and session handlers that work in both native and the slabphp session system
Input Manager Library a small input manager library that sanitizes input to the application
Concatenator Library a simple library that provides concatenation of files, urls, etc. for use in controllers

Production Deployment

SlabPHP will include PHPUnit and a debug library that can add a debug bar to the standard template. When deploying to production, make sure you use no-dev and optimize-autoloader.

composer update --no-dev -o

Feedback, Changes, Comments, Concerns

Feel free to open tickets, email Salerno Labs LLC staff, or most preferably create pull requests for any changes you'd like in the codebase.