Admin for Skully Framework.

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v0.1.32 2016-03-16 17:42 UTC


Admin scaffold to use with Skully Framework


Include this into your composer:

"require": {
    "skullyframework/admin": "0.1.*"

Then update your composer.

And then, basically look at vendor/skullyframework/skully-project/Tests/app/ and just follow the structure of that test app within your application.

Don't Forget

In your App\Application class, add the following:

use SkullyAdmin\AdminTrait;

class Application extends \Skully\Application {
    use AdminTrait;
    protected function setupTheme() {

Copy vendor/skullyframework/skully-project/Tests/app/public/default/resources/images/admin to public/default/resources/images/admin. Copy vendor/skullyframework/skully-project/Tests/app/public/default/resources/js/admin to public/default/resources/js/admin. Copy vendor/skullyframework/skully-project/Tests/app/public/default/resources/js/plugins to public/default/resources/js/plugins.


There is a sample application ready in Tests/TestApp/app. To set this up:

  1. Clone this repository into your web server git clone .
  2. Create a database named skully_admin and skully_admin_test.
  3. Browse to the test app cd Tests/app.
  4. Run db migration ./console skully:schema db:migration.
  5. Browse to your app =======